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(All original works depicted here are sold. Those shown are for display purpose only. New images pertaining to this series will appear as available)

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Follow Monet's footsteps onto the Japanese style bridge he designed from an old woodprint, a motif he admired, inspiring him to build one over the beloved water lily pond that he so meticulously tended and sought to capture and re-create on canvas in it's every mood and season through many stirring paintings. Here he would spend countless hours savoring and observing; his paint brushes then expressing the amplitude of his gaze. "White Wisteria Bridge" portrayed here in early spring before the splendid wisteria blossoms change from creamy whites to lavender and "Chez Monet", providing a glimpse of Claude Monet's famous home in Giverny, France amidst the iris display and the rose standards, trees and flowers suggest a sense of how the glorious and demanding characteristics of nature motivated this great artist throughout his life. There has long been an artistic and public passion for scenes of this renowned Impressionist's home and gardens which so inspired, delighted and challenged the Master until his death in 1926.


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Not as much has been known about "Les Collettes", the home of Pierre-Auguste Renoir, in Cagnes SurMer, France, near Nice. Renoir, a contemporary to Monet, is reputed to have purchased this property to save the magnificent ancient olive grove from being cut down; perhaps he was an early conservationist as well. "Chez Renoir", as seen here, leads you into the grounds surrounding the home and studio of Renoir.


These three evocative paintings are from the Homes of the Masters Series by the modern impressionist master Mark King, who has studied and marvelled at these and other great Masters throughout his long, distinguished and multifaceted career. In this Homage Series, King pays glowing tribute through the knowing, generous, relaxed, yet masterful elegance of his technique and style inherent in his paintings.


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