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(All original works depicted here are sold. Those shown are for display purpose only. New images pertaining to this series will appear as available)

"All the streets, cafes, avenues, people watching, the buildings & architecture -- what a time it was. . . . Paris provided an intense artistic immersion and awareness, so much so, that the atmosphere of Paris is an embrace in my mind I will always feel."

(All my memories of Paris are very wistful and always lovely.)


"Le Dome Cafe"
48 x 36 Inches

"The famous Dome Cafe in Montparnasse has long been celebrated and renowned as an intellectual gathering place since the beginning of the century. The first prominent cafe in that area, it created and disseminated gossip, and provided message exchanges and an "over the table" market that dealt in artistic and literary futures. So often frequented by the famous and soon to be famous painters, sculptors, writers, poets, models, art connoisseurs and dealers and all sorts of characters, the Dome eventually became the pulse of the American Literary Colony and the focus for artists living in the Left Bank."

"Vendeuse des Fleures"
40 x 30 Inches

"Near the cafes, parks, on every street corner, always the flower seller, . . the vendeuse. How many times I stopped to say hello and to admire the selections and buy a small bouquet to bring back to my studio."

"La Rue Saint-Antoine"
48 x 36 Inches

"It seems to me that church domes can be viewed from every street in Paris, and I'm happy remembering it that way."

"Les Deux Garçons"
48 x 36 Inches

Famous cafe in Aix-en-Provence that was frequented by Emile Zola and Cézanne. Cézanne's father had a house in Aix where Paul Cézanne grew up. Cézanne's atelier and studio "Les Lauves" are close by.

(For additional information on Cézanne, refer to the Homes of the Masters section of this website.)



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