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While a vast multiple-subject archival library of work exists, consisting of images compiled throughout Mark King's prodigious career, the Artist has been reluctant to participate in numerous licensing endeavors.

However, the enthusiastic response of others who have seen and admired the personal projects the Artist has undertaken, has prompted a change in thinking in this regard. Now this impressive reservoir of artistic potential will be available for select products in certain markets.

King has always exemplified a captivating and original flair for conceptualizing designs, both bold and subtle, and for fluid composition facilitated through his mastery of his media. The Artist feels there are several product categories his technique and style would effectively enhance, such as linens, stationery, china and stoneware, wall coverings, textiles and home furnishings.

King Griffin, Inc. is the exclusive and definitive source for promotional and licensing programs that may be derived either through an extensive existing body of work, or components thereof, or by commissioned works and designs tailored to a specific marketing plan.



For more information contact: King Griffin, Inc.


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